I work for houston independent school district (hisd)

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Read Pozgar – Chapter 7 / 9
I work for Houston Independent School District (HISD)
Objective: The purpose of this exercise to apply what you have learned in the weekly module and use your critical thinking skills to answer a question or series of questions related to the weekly content.
Submission Requirements:
Please submit a Word document with a cover page.
APA format – This includes in-text citations and a list of references.
Inclusion of Course Materials: You may make references to readings and other course materials to support, clarify, and contextualize your ideas if appropriate.
Please submit your assignment in a Word document using the following file name format: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, WA#2
Grading Criteria:
Points will be assigned to each question and specified as such.
Please contact me before the deadline if you have any questions or technical issues.

For your direct employer (the organization which pays you), determine the following:
a. Type of legal structure (corporation, LLC, partnership) and state of formation
b. Taxable or tax-exempt (federal and state)
c. Type of corporate governance structure and source of its authority (directors, managers, bylaws, articles of incorporation)
d. Title of chief executive
e. If a formal compliance program and/or compliance officer is in place
e. If there is a conflict of interest policy and who it covers
f. Whether your direct employer has a parent company, and if so, its name

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