Just read the book and listen to the lectures and other resources provided on canvas.

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Write a 3-4 page paper (800-1000 words) following these guidelines:
(stick to this word count!! It is difficult to be concise. That is part of the exercise. I will not read past the 4th page.)
Choose at least two themes that are addressed in the works we read/watched in the last unit of the course and explain:
how that theme was addressed in the works we read in this unit
compare it with the how the theme is addressed in another work you have chosen from this unit
and make sure you explain or connect the themes with the historical context each work is about!
Also, remember you are writing for an educated audience, you must assume familiarity with the work. You are writing, in this case, for me. This is part of why you do not want to tell the plot or summarize the works: I have read them! You need to use examples and explain how your examples support your claim (TS), NOT describe a scene.
You must include all four works in your paper (but each theme does not have to be in all four, but between the two or three themes, you must have examples from all four works) You can have one theme in two works and another theme in the two other works or one theme in three works and another theme in two works, in which case you have mentioned one work more than once; that is okay. However, each theme must be compared: you cannot have one theme in one work.
So, for example, you could address the use of education in governmental oppression in Animal Farm and Amandla! and the importance of family in the midst of the Cultural Revolution in To Live and Red Scarf Girl.
You also must have a Thesis Statement!
Reminder, our works in this unit include:
Animal Farm
Red Scarf Girl
Film: To Live
Documentary: Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony

Use your own words!! (paraphrase and explain rather than quoting, and no outside sources, as always: your ideas!)
You must have a Thesis Statement, a claim for each theme.
For example, you can argue that the performance (of music or reciting sayings) foster the creation of a community and a communal narrative (and then provide specific examples.)

There are many themes to consider, some include:
Revolution and its impact on people’s lives
Family (Marriage and relationships, children)
Construction of community
Identity (think about the construction of identity in relation to community)
What is versus what seems
Political change
Societal change
How to live your life in midst of change
The role of the artist in society
Please see the rubric below for how it will be graded!
You will write a 3-4 page paper. Be extra careful with USING YOUR OWN WORDS! Make sure you cite examples, using a parenthetical citation like this (Orwell, p. 56). Preferably do not use quotations, paraphrase and explain in your own words! But if you use quotations, make sure you cite them, too! If you are using a version of the text that is different from the one I assigned (different ISBN number), you must also include a Works Cited page with the bibliographic information of the text that you used.
The films should be cited with parenthetical citations and minute time stamp where the example is shown, like this:
“Miriam Makeba spoke about the time she was a nanny to white children…” (Amandla! 29:26-29:56)
You can abbreviate in your parenthetical citations for the purpose of this paper:
Be as specific as possible, and explain your reasoning. Do not list moments or retell the story. Do not start with overarching generalizations: “Life is hard.” or “We all question our identity.” Yes, those are both true, but you must be specific about your analysis and your reasoning, not state vague platitudes or cliches.

This paper will go through plagiarism check software. You need to upload your paper (doc, docs, pdf).
You are NOT to Google search or use outside resources! Just read the book and listen to the lectures and other resources provided on Canvas.

Other instructions:
Write a 3-4-page paper (typed, double-spaced). The text should be in 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all around. Include your name and section day(s) and time at the top of the first page. You do not need a cover page. You DO need a title, however, that communicates your thesis statement/argument.
Make sure that your paper clearly demonstrates that you have carefully read the texts or viewed and analyzed the visual source and are able to connect them to the ideas and other works we have covered this semester. Do NOT provide a narrative that offers primarily a summary of the text(s), or mostly background information on the culture described. This is a critical analysis and comparative paper, not a narrative, not a plot summary.
Use as few and as brief quotations as possible! If you do use quotations, make sure you explain HOW that quotation supports your thesis statement! Use YOUR OWN WORDS to explain!!! Paraphrase and cite ideas

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